Configuring cvsClient

Currently, the only way to configure the "look and feel" of cvsClient is through the Options submenus.


For example, to prevent the annoying "Confirmation" window from popping up whenever you check something out, you can check off the appropriate box in the popup menu Options->Confirm ....

Defining Editors

Alternatively, if you wish to change the default text editor, you can do this via the menu Options->Define->Editor ... :

Note that in the above case, no file extensions were required (since text happens to also be the default editor type).

General Options

You can also dynamically change the size of the file and directory icons, via the menu Options->General ... :

Setting or Creating CVSROOT

You can create your own CVSROOT by accessing the menu Repository->Create New .... Alternatively, an existing CVSROOT can be set via the menu CVS->CVSROOT ..... Please note that once CVSROOT is set, you will not be able to navigate above it.

Startup File

Finally, most of the startup locations of directories, the initial value of CVSROOT, etc., are handled in the file cvs/cvsClient.html. Please read the README for information relating to this file.

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