Creating a New Module

Once the CVSROOT directory has been created or specified, the next step is to create a new module. A module is simply a subdirectory off of the CVSROOT directory, and usually represents a project people intend to work on. A module is created by dragging a folder from the Local side onto the CVSROOT directory on the Repository side. For example, try dragging the Local /sampleDir folder, and then dropping it onto the Repository's CVSROOT directory, /sampleRepo. If successful, you will see a window similar to the one below popup:

The only field that *must* be filled in is the one called new subdirectory. In that field, please type in the name of the new subdirectory you wish to create.

The optional message field is provided for adding any comments you wish to make. These comments will be stored in the module's log file.

Press the Ok button to begin the import process. If successful, you will see newly imported files appear within the directory you specified on the Repository side.

You are now ready to begin checking items out. Click here to see how this is done.