This research is supported by DARPA under contract AF 30602-92-C-0135 from Rome Labs, National Science Foundation Office of Advanced Scientific Computing under grant ASC-9111616

Note the pC++ concept of Distribution is, by design, completely identical to the HPF Template. Unfortunately, the word template already has a meaning in C++, so we changed the name to avoid confusion.

Because Distributions are first class objects they can be created at run-time or passed as a parameter to a function. This is very convenient for creating collections at run time, i.e., when creating a new collection the Distribution and align objects can be taken from another collection with which the new collection is to be aligned.

This point of view is also supported in the research community. The soon to be published conclusions of the 1993 NSF/ARPA/DOE Grand Challenge Meeting include several strong recommendations for more investigation of mixing object-oriented style with the more traditional programming styles.

Mon Nov 21 09:49:54 EST 1994