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User Guide for a Portable Parallel C++ Programming System, pC++

Dennis Gannon, Shelby X. Yang, Peter Beckman
Department of Computer Science &CICA
Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, U.S.A.

Mon Nov 21 09:50:23 EST 1994


This document describes version 1.0 of the pC++ system for building portable parallel programs. It is intended for users that are already C++ programmers and would like to use data parallel style operations in C++ using arrays of objects in which object member functions can be applied in parallel. To accomplish this, pC++ provides a very simple mechanism to build ``collections of objects'' from some base element class. Member functions from this element class can be applied to the entire collection (or a subset) in parallel. In addition there is a mechanism for encapsulating SPMD style computation in a thread based computing model that is both efficient and completely portable.

pC++ User Guide
Mon Nov 21 09:49:54 EST 1994