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Installing the System. Ver. 1.0

The following comes from the file INSTALL in the standard software distribution. It is best to read that file instead of this section to make sure you have the most recent information.

In order to save disk space, we have created three different pC++/Sage++ distributions. You may select the distribution that best fits your planned use. All distributions are Unix ``tar''ed and GNU gzipped.


The tools required to make pC++ are:

A word about compilers. Unfortunately, the vision of portable Unix programs has yet to be fulfilled. Since every vendor's C compiler and header files vary slightly, pC++/Sage++ uses gcc/g++ by default. This choice was also influenced by companies like SGI, SUN, and HP ``unbundling'' their ANSI C compilers, and hoping people pay extra for their compilers.

However, relying on gcc/g++ is a problem for parallel machines that use use custom CPUs for which gcc is not defined, such as the KSR1. Therefore we also support AT&T's C++ compiler, which can be ported to almost any machine with a good C compiler.
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