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The Organization of a pC++ Program. Ver 1.0+

Every pC++ program has a very special structure. The first rule, which is valid for version 1.0, is all pC++ constructs must be contained in one file. In later versions we hope to have mechanisms that allow us to have pC++ constructs spread across multiple source files.

The second rule for pC++ programs is that the following special order must be preserved for a pC++ file.

#include "pCxx.h"

// any other include files you may need would go here.
// defined constants and standard C++ global variables can go anywhere.
#define myPi = 22.0/7.0
int my_x = myPi;

// Next all of the definitions required for collection elements are included
// This includes all source code for element method functions
// as well as the text of the element class definitions.

#include "myElementClass.h"

// next include the collection definitions starting with
// the kernel and, if needed the distributed array collection definitions.

#include "kernel.h"
#include "distarray.h"

// next are the definitions and functions required for your collection
// defintions.

#include "myCollectionClasses.h"

//the main program 

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