re: Using Sage++ for C files

>>>>> "Mustafa" == Mustafa  <mustaf@engr.uky.edu> writes:

Mustafa> 	I was using Sage++ for restructuring some C
Mustafa> files. When I tried to traverse each line and find any
Mustafa> symbols in that line, it does not return one even if there is
Mustafa> one as in the case of subroutine call. But it does return if
Mustafa> there is a subroutine header and its body. There is an entry
Mustafa> in the sybol table for that subroutine with a symbol.  can
Mustafa> you suggest any other way if I can know the name of the
Mustafa> subroutine being called(the executable statement).

Can you supply an example that exhibits this behaviour?  My test
program appears to work fine.

       program main
       double precision x
       call foobar (x)