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On Wed, 20 Jul 1994 bfatyga@slab.cica.indiana.edu wrote:

> Another option is that you could, if you want, get our current
> version of Sage (the "unofficial" release  -- the official new
> release should be within a month, I think) ...
> ... public release. Let me know what you prefer.
I think that it would be better for me just to keep the current version
because I'm in a very early stage and I'm just learning the system. I'm
writing toy programs right now and I think it will take me another week
or two to start working on our compiler. We are building a parallel
programming environment called Enterprise, the job of the compiler is
to basically modify user's code to transform function calls to message
passing code on a network of workstations. Right now we have modified
GCC to do the job, but as you may guess, maintaining GCC is a
nightmare, so SAGE seems to be the right tool for us and we're very
excited about it.

> Oh yes, one last thing. For future reference, it would be very useful
> if you could tell us what kind of configuration you are using Sage on
> and which parts of it are you actually using - I assume that you are 
> using pC++2dep on files earlier preprocessed - which preprocessor are
> you using?  
I'm using SAGE on a Sparcstation running SunOS 4.1.3C. Yes, I'm using
pC++2dep because c2dep and vcc didn't work for me. To preprocess
programs I use 'cc -E file.c' and then generate the .dep file using

Right now we only support C code that's why I want to use c2dep (or
pC++2dep), in the future we will support Fortran as well, so I'll be
using f2dep.

> Thanks,       --Beata

Thanks. Diego.

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