Re: Sage Problems: U of Michigan: README

> a) When I updated from sage v1.0.0 to v1.3.1, the original author's kkinstru.C
> no longer worked. I had to comment out the following case in a switch statment
> in kkinstru.C.
>         case PROC_COM:
> #endif

The tag for PROCESS_COMMON statements was changed to PROS_COMM.

> d) In the file lu.F, if line 15 is replaced from:
> c       external iowner_proc
>    to:
>         external iowner_proc
>    then line 96 in file kki.lu.F appears after instrumentation as:
>        integer  function iowner_proc ()
>    instead of:
>        integer  function iowner_proc (i, j, pv, ph, nv, nh)
>    Is this a sage bug, a bug in kkinstru.C, or a misinterpreation of Fortran
>    language semantics?

I uncommented the line and used f2dep to parse it, then used
unparse and dumpdep to check the resulting lu.dep. I found no problem.
The information of function iowner_proc's arguments is intact.