Re: How to parse K&R declarations?

It appears nobody has gotten this yet...

> 	I have to create .dep files out of K&R style C sources. I've tried
> to use pC++2dep and it gives back an error when it encounters function
> declarations. Is there any way I could convince pC++2dep to handle this
> situation? (Besides editing the file of course). I can't use c2dep because
> it core dumps on the files. 

I would suggest using `protoize', as distributed with gcc. This will
change the K&R style to (mostly) ANSI C. I have used it without
problems many times.

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If you have K&R C programs that are not ANSI C, you can convert them
to ANSI C and then use pC++2dep. I have successfully done this with
several K&R C programs by using the `protoize' program that is
distributed with GNU C. For most programs, this is quite easy. One of
my problems has everything in one directory, so I just ran:
	protoize *.c
to convert everything.
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