Re: Cannot run the tau-tools - cgm is coring


> sunbode28(dimke).261% fancy
> child killed: segmentation violation

> sunbode28(dimke).262% classy 
> child killed: segmentation violation

Thank you for the bug report. The tools work fine on the workstations
where I do most of the development of the TAU tools, but I can reproduce
the bug on an SGI, to which I recently got access. cgm core dumps exactly
at the same point as on your Sun. I will look into this and send you a fix
as soon as I have one.

> sunbode28(dimke).263% racy
> X server insecure (must use xauth-style authorization); command ignored

As you see from the error message, this problem was caused by something
different. All TAU tools make use of the Tcl/TK "send" command, which
allow for communication between Tk tools. This opens a security-hole if
your are running xhost based X11 authorization. You should use xauth, which
is much more secure. Please ask a local X11 export how to use xauth, if
you don't know already. If you cannot run xauth, you can also recompile
Tk without this security check, please look into the Tk documentation for

Thanks again

Bernd Mohr   --   mohr@cs.uoregon.edu   --   http://www.cs.uoregon.edu/~mohr

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