Re: A question about SgStatement::expr()

On Thu, 28 Jul 1994, Andrew Mauer wrote:

> > 	I've been experimenting with SgStatement::expr() and it appears 
> > that it is always true that given,
> > 
> > 	SgStatement	*st = .... ;
> > 
> > 	Then, if the statement is executable, st->expr(i)->lhs() will
> > contain the executable expression and st->expr(i)->rhs() will be NULL. Is 
> > that true?
> > 
> > I tried it on several sources and it seems to be true, but I wanted to
> > confirm that. 
> > 
> It is not always true. Except in pathological circumstances, it
> probably is, but check out this program:
Ok. Now, suppose I have the same statement *st and one of st->expr(i) is 
a valid expression, is it true that the LHS of this expression will 
always be non-NULL? I think yes, because cases like your counterexample, 
the LHS will be the EXPR_LIST that I can traverse.

Thanks! Diego.

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