Re: Valid Expressions

On Fri, 29 Jul 1994, Andrew Mauer wrote:

> I think you are correct, but I am not sure why it is so important. If
> you are traversing the expression tree, I would suggest doing so in a
> "safe" manner --- descend the entire tree looking for what you are
> interested in; if you do not find it, fine, but there is never any
> chance of dying because some node had an unexpectedly null child.  My
> Iterator_Expr class provides this functionality (if you do not have it
> and want it, email me).

Here's my problem. I'm traversing all the statements in the file looking 
for specific function calls. That is given the name of several function 
calls, I have to identify them, their parameter list and the LHS of the 
call (if it has one). I'm pretty sure your Iterator_Expr class will be 
very useful. Thanks a lot!

> /Andrew/


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