Re: Problems with SgStatement::copy()

I had a pause to look at your problem. I am quite sure you can get a
copy of the line number by editing low_level.c.

1. Find the duplicateStmts function (line 2358 in my copy).
2. Find the area that looks like the following (near the start).
 for (i = 0; i < lenght; i++)
      copie = (PTR_BFND) newNode (BIF_CODE (temp));
      BIF_SYMB (copie) = BIF_SYMB (temp);
      BIF_LL1 (copie) = copyLlNode(BIF_LL1 (temp));
      BIF_LL2 (copie) = copyLlNode(BIF_LL2 (temp));
      BIF_LL3 (copie) = copyLlNode(BIF_LL3 (temp));

3. Just after that, insert:
      BIF_LINE(copie) = BIF_LINE(temp);
      BIF_LOCAL_LINE(copie) = BIF_LOCAL_LINE(temp);

4. Recompile libs and relink.

No guarantees.