cast expr problem

did anybody change something how "cast" operators are working in the last 2
or 3 weeks? Darryl's code generator for the breakpoint debugger is no
longer working. The problem is basically the following three lines:

  /*1*/ void *objPtr;
  /*2*/ MyCollection<MyElement> *castedPtr;
  /*3*/ castedPtr = (MyCollection<MyElement> *) objPtr;

He uses Sage++ to add these lines to a depfile. Then dep2C++ runs over it
and then statement 3 unparses like this:

   castedPtr = MyCollection__MyElement * objPtr;

i.e. the cast "()" are missing. If I add the 3 lines above manually to
simple.pc, it works fine, so I think it has to do with his code which
constructs these statements. Some more details:

His code already generated statement 1 and 2. Now he wants to build
statement 3; it's basically done like this:

  SgVarRefExp *lhs = new SgVarRefExp(*castedptrSymb);
  SgVarRefExp *rhs = new SgVarRefExp(*objptrSymb);

  SgExpression *cexp = new SgCastExp(*(lhs->type), *rhs);

Then he uses "lhs" and "cexp" to build a SgCExpStmt; he uses a function for
this which is used and works in a lot of places, so I think the problem is
not here. Does anybody see a problem in the code above?

any help welcome!

if someone wants to look into his code in more detail, a good starting
place is the file sage/breezy/typeInfo/TItypeDesc.C. Look for "castedPtr".
His own Sage++ functions are in sage/breezy/baseUtils/sageUtils.C.

Thanks a lot
Bernd Mohr   --   mohr@cs.uoregon.edu   --   http://www.cs.uoregon.edu/~mohr

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