Re: SgForStmt::step() returns null

the SgForStmt::step() and SgForStmt::end() methods had a bug in  
Sage++ 1.3. This has been fixed in the latest version, which will 

be publicly available "really soon" now (within the next few days, I  
think - somebody please correct me if I am wrong on this). 

There have also been many more bug fixes since 1.3, especially in the  
C++ parser - so if you find problems with it, you might want to wait  
for the new release.

In the newest version, you would get:

 current file is forloop.c
       int x, y, z;
       int w, q, j;
       for (w = 0 ; w < 3 ; (w)++)

A FOR loop has been found

lower bound : w = 0
upper bound : w < 3
step : (w)++

Note that step is w++ and end is w < 3; you had them reversed in your  
message, I assume it's just a typo.

Hope you do not mind the extra ().

I have also seen your mail about the innermost loop problem. I do not  
recall seeing it before, so there is a possibility that this is a  
not-yet-fixed bug. I'll take a closer look tomorrow. 

Thanks for your bug reports, we always very much appreciate such  
reports from Sage users.