Re: Problem installing pc++-1.3.1


I think we can solve your problem.

I think "." is not in your path.  Check your path.  I will change the
script here so future releases will use "./MAKE" instead of "MAKE".

A couple notes:

- Release pc++/sage++ 1.7 will happen in a few days (by wednesday).

- If you are compiling for the SP1, you may have problems.  I designed
the SP1 runtime system to use EUIH on Argonne's 128 node SP1.  However
they are in the process or upgrading their system (it has been down
for more than a week) and according to their mail, EUIH will be a bit
different.  For that reason, I have been working on an MPI port that
uses Hubertus Franke's (IBM Watson) native SP1 code.  I don't know the
environment of the SP1 at Maui, so a little tweeking may be necessary.