Re: Problems with SgType::baseType()

On Mon, 10 Oct 1994, Beata Winnicka wrote:

> You would need to rewrite EntTypeName function to account for the  
> indirection level. 
Thanks. I'll do that. 

> PS: Did the fix for following typedefs in getTrueType work for you?
Yes. Thanks. Now getTrueType() is working. The only 'fix' that I
couldn't get to work was the last unparser fix you sent me. It fixed
the problems when calling a function with the same name of a structure
but when the code did something like

			ptr = malloc(10 * sizeof(struct stat));

it was unparsed to

			ptr = malloc(10 * sizeof(stat));

Right now I'm using fstat() instead of stat() and I'm not using the
last patch you sent. I'll just wait for the fix to the parser.

Thanks. Diego.

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