Re: spurious parser warning

>pC++2dep complains:
>	Warning on line 8 of t2.pc: illegal type combination.
>yet according to the ARM (5.3.3., p.59 in Ellis/Stroustrup) the type
>of the _new_ expression is definitely "pointer to A".

The way in which Sage treats operator new for arrays leaves a lot to  
be desired. (notice the extra () when you unparse your example:
ap = new A [(5)];)
Thanks for bringing this problem to our attention. I'll try to come  
up with a better representation for "new" for arrays. However, this  
is not going to be any time soon since I already have several other  
things I am working on; unless this is somehow essential to what you  
are doing with Sage. Let me know if this is the case and I'll see  
what I can do.             --Beata