Re: Distinguishing a structure from a typedef

On Wed, 12 Oct 1994, Andrew Mauer wrote:

> > 
> > I tried using other approaches like using SgType::baseType() and
> > SgType::getTrueType() but I couldn't get them to work. Does anyone has
> > any suggestion on a better way of doing this? 
> What about the true type approach did not work? It seems to me that if
> you get true type (mask all descriptors, follow typedefs), you should
> end up with an integer type for a and a bare structure typedef for b.
> Is this not what happens?
> [Isn't the end result for a struct a T_STRUCT or something? I'm not
> very familiar with this stuff.]
> /Andrew/
Yes. But at the end when I reach to the bare structure I can't access
any of the fields. This is because the SgClassType class is not
defined (The code is ifdef'd out). Therefore, to access the fields I
need to use the SgType::symbol() casted as a SgClassSymb. But when I
do that I get 0x0.

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