Re: A bug in getTrueType

> This bug was not in his patch which he distributed for the
> 1.3.1 distribution of Sage++, and in fact, once I found
> the bug, I fixed it using his original code which I patched
> into my personal version of 1.3.1 


I'll try to reconstruct what had happened. I do not recall changing  
that code myself but we do keep track of all the changes so hopefully  
I'll be able to find out when and why it got changed.

> Also in the diff, you will find that I have added a
> rudimentary "unparse" for types.  It is far from
> complete, but it helps me debug stuff, and is pretty
> darned handy.  The way it includes the tag array is really
> lame, but I wanted to get it up and running quickly. 


I'll take a look. I am sure that it would be handy to have something  
like this. I Are you planning to make it more complete it the near  
future? If we wanted to add it to distribution, should I wait a while  
or try making it more complete myself?

Thanks,           --Beata