Re: f2dep bus error

> > It seems that it is something to do with using the array name "const"
> > in both main program and process mainproc. I'm looking into that. Let
> > me get back to you later.
> Thanks. I also looks like that f2dep is not supporting the string
> concatentation operator "//". fmbug.f uses it too. 

The bug has been fixed. The original parser got confused when we use
the same name for variables and common blocks (both COMMON & PROCESS
COMMON statements will cause problem). But actually common block has
a global scope, and variables don't. Our parser is able to handle that
now. I've commit the codes.

In fmbug.f, the continuation character $ in line 1078, 1079, and 1082
should be the 6th character of each line (since fmbug.f is in fixed

I've also noticed the problem of concatentation operator "//". However,
when I tried your test code, the parser parsed it happily. I'll try
other test code to see if it happens again.