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Dearest sage++ sages,
I am having some trouble adding member functions to
classes.  I have a function I wrote some months ago
that seems accomplish it correctly.  That is to say, 
when I unaprse the SgClassStmt that I have added the 
function decl to, it shows the added function without
any problems during the unparseing.  
	Unfortunately, now when I try to save the 
dep file after making the modification, it goes into a 
infinite loop.  If you have any clues to any recent 
changes in sage++ that might have affected the way I 
make this member func addition, let me know.  Perhaps
when this was working I was doing other code 
manipulations that accidentally made up for errors in 
this function and that was why it worked (right).  

After the function code below, I have included (one of)
the test pc++ program(s) I used as input (note: I also
tried it on mgrid in the test suites).

Function code follows:

//  This function adds a member function to a class.  
//  It requires the class declaration statement, the function
//  type, the function name, and the status of the function 
//  (public, private, protected);
//  (Note that it returns a pointer to the function expression it 
//  creates.  This is so that this expression can be used to add
//  parameters to the function via the addParamToFuncExp function 
//  above.)
SgExpression *addFunctionToClass(SgClassStmt *cs, 
				SgType *funcType, 
				char *funcName, 
				int status) {
  SgVarDeclStmt *vds;
  SgMemberFuncSymb *fs;
  SgExprListExp *funcList;
  SgExpression *fexp;
  SgType *ty;
  PTR_SYMB psymb, newsymb;

#define COLL_STATUS_NUM (256)

   // create function symbol;
  fs = new SgMemberFuncSymb(funcName, *funcType, 
			    *cs, status);

  // create a function pointer expression;
  fexp = new SgExpression(FUNCTION_REF);

  // put the func ptr exp in a list;
  funcList = new SgExprListExp();

  // create var declaration statement;
  vds = new SgVarDeclStmt(*funcList, *funcType);

  // now modify the class type statement;;
  ty = (cs->name())->type();

  // extract symbol pointer;
  newsymb = fs->thesymb;

  // set up member func specific items.;
  newsymb->entry.member_func.base_name = cs->symbol()->thesymb;
  // assign the old first in line to be the 2nd, after new symbol;
  newsymb->next_symb = newsymb->thread = psymb = ty->thetype->entry.derived_class.first;
  newsymb->entry.member_func.next = psymb;
  // make first declaration the new function;
  ty->thetype->entry.derived_class.first = newsymb;

  // it looks to me like num_fields is not used, but....;
  ty->thetype->entry.derived_class.num_fields += 1;
  return fexp;


// pc++ test program...

class s_elem {
  int start[3];
  int myproc;  // used to display data distribution

Collection Gr {
  int n[3];       //sizes of the whole area (including surface)

processor_main () {

	Gr <s_elem> a;