Re: Error in 2D Distribution (WHOLE, x)

> Hi,
> I wrote a pC++ program with reduction and distribution similar to those in
> "distarray.h". It compiles for all 8 possibilities of 2D Distributions but it
> runs (on Sequent Symmetry) only for 6 of these combinations. If I have
>  Distribution DD(MM, NN, &P, WHOLE, BLOCK)  or
>  Distribution DD(MM, NN, &P, WHOLE, CYCLIC)
> it compiles but when I try to run it, the following message shows up all the 
> time
>  Warning: GiveElementProc()_2D: Error in 2D Distribution object.
> my questions:
> Do you support the 2D Distribution (WHOLE, BLOCK) and (WHOLE, CYCLIC) ?
> Can you fix the problem ?
> Thanks,
> --Jens
> jens@cs.uoregon.edu

Which version of pC++ you are using?  I tested the (WHOLE, BLOCK) distribution
and it worked fine.  I am using the latest version of pC++ however.