class symbols


I am having a problem finding the filename of SgClassSymb's in sage++
files.  What I'm doing is reading through the symbols, checking if
they are class symbols, and then retrieving their name and the file
they are declared in.  To do this, I use the declaredInStmt() method,
and then the fileName() method.  The problem is that some of the class
symbols' declaredInStmt() are returning NULL.  If I use the scope()
method, then I get a temp file that I am using instead of the actual
file that the "class" declaration is in.  

Here's an excerpt of my code:
    else if(isSgClassSymb(curr_symbol) && 
	    (curr_symbol->variant() == CLASS_NAME))  {
      // class
      SgStatement *class_stmt = curr_symbol->declaredInStmt();
      char *class_name = curr_symbol->identifier();
      char *file_name = NULL;

      if(class_stmt)  {
	file_name = class_stmt->fileName();

      // check if class should be recorded  (file_name == NULL is a
      // hack for now til bug found)
      if(file_name && isValidClass(file_name, class_name))  {
	  cout << "  Recording " << class_name << endl;
	class_define_event.event_id = CLASS_DEFINE;
	class_define_event.class_name = class_name;

I inserted the 'if(class_stmt)' to keep me from core-dumping.  I need
the correct file_name as a parameter to the isValidClass() routine.

Thanks for any help,

Dean Jerding                                     e-mail:  dfj@cc.gatech.edu
Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center     phone:  (404)894-9761
Georgia Institute of Technology