seg faults when parsing examples; also, pC++2dep and #include

Dear Sage People,

   I have just built sage++ (on my Alpha PC running OSF1 2.0), and started
playing with the example programs.  When I try to use pC++2dep to process
the templated example files (new_file/x.c and template_demo/x.c), I get a
segmentation fault.

   Is this a known problem?  Am I doing something wrong?  I can successfully
use the array_decl example, so I think my build has basically succeeded...

   Also, I have just tried using pC++2dep on a program of my own, and it 
crashed with an error message (Old K&R style declaration, unexpected bif form,
or undefine variables) as soon as it hit my first #include.  Do I have to use
cpp to eliminate #includes from my sources, or am I missing something?