Re: seg faults when parsing examples; also, pC++2dep and #include

>    I have just built sage++ (on my Alpha PC running OSF1 2.0),
> and started playing with the example programs.  When I try
> to use pC++2dep to process the templated example files
> (new_file/x.c and template_demo/x.c), I get a
> segmentation fault.

>    Is this a known problem?  Am I doing something wrong?  I can
> successfully use the array_decl example, so I think my
> build has basically succeeded... 


This looks like a  not-yet-known problem. Any chance you could run  
pC++2dep from a debugger and find out where exactly it core dumps?  
(Also would be helpful to know what compiler you are using.) 

>  Do I have to use cpp to eliminate #includes from my
> sources, or am I missing something? 


Yes, you do need to run the preprocessor first.