Re: pC++2dep: multiply defined symbols

> Is there any way to get pC++2dep to accept some undefined
> symbols, rather than crashing with an error message? 


I do not know of any easy way to do that.

> For example, this should be legal, but I get an error
> message due to the double declaration of 'open_mode',
> even though it is in a different scope: 

>enum open_mode {
>    ... };
>class ios : public _ios_fields {
>  public:
>    ...
>    enum open_mode {
>    ...

This should be legal. I'll work on a fix. In the meantime, for a  
quick-and-dirty fix you can try finding out where the error message  
is printed out and change it to a warning (or comment it out).

> But in any case, I don't really need to preprocess so
> deeply that I see all the system include files; I would
> rather just not expand the #include and leave the stream
> primitives undefined.  Is there any way to do this with
> your system? 


No, there is no way to do that.
 But it should be possible to get the parser to the point where it  
parses the include files without crashing. We've done it previously  
for several different systems - I am quite confident that it can also  
be done for your machine/OS/compiler combination. It might take some  
effort and time - I'll be happy to work on the parser fixes if you  
could provide concrete examples of what causes the errors (like the  
one above).