Re: SgForStmt->setbody() and SgStatement->insertAfterStmt()

>The call graph manager was
>examining the "old" body which had no legitimate place, scope,
>or lexical order, and so the manager would die.

I think that the call graph manager should be modified so that,  
instead of seg faulting on things it does not like, it would simply  
leave them alone. 

Many methods in Sage do not actually physically remove nodes from the  
.dep file but just re-link nodes so that a particular fragment is  
effectively "removed" since it is not linked in. 

My understanding is that those nodes are really physically removed  
when a .dep structure is written to a file. So maybe a good temporary  
solution for you would be to write .dep structure to a file, and then  
read it back in to make call graph module happy.

I'll look at your problem with inserting IF_NODEs later today or