Re: Unparsing problems

>I'm having problems with SgFile::unparse(). It doesn't like things like: 

> main()
> {
>   char  c = '\0';
>   ...

Looks like I've fixed this particular bug about a month ago. Try the following:

Find the following code in lib/newsrc/unparse.c:

          if (strncmp(&(str[i]),"CHARVAL", strlen("CHARVAL"))== 0)       /* %CHARVAL : Char Value */
    		     case '\n':BufPutChar('\\'); BufPutChar('n'); break;
    		     case '\t':BufPutChar('\\'); BufPutChar('t'); break;

(This is around line 2043 in the version we have)
and add the following cases to the switch statement:

              case '\0':BufPutChar('\\'); BufPutChar('0'); break;
              case '\'':BufPutChar('\\'); BufPutChar('\''); break;
              case '\"':BufPutChar('\\'); BufPutChar('\"'); break;
              case '\\':BufPutChar('\\'); BufPutChar('\\'); break;