Re: SgVariableSymb class?

> I've noticed that the SgVariableSymb class is ifdef'd out. I would
> really like to use some of its functions. Are you guys going to
> implement this class any time soon?

> Thanks. Diego.

If you mean the following methods:

  int isAttributeSet(int attribute);
  void setAttribute(int attribute);

  int numberOfUses();            // number of uses.
  SgStatement  *useStmt(int i);  // statement where i-th use occurs
  SgExpression *useExpr(int i);  // expression where i-th use occurs
  int numberOfDefs();

then, I am afraid the answer is no. (unless somebody else is going to  
volunteer). This should not be too hard (I think) for C, but for C++  
with overloaded (and unresolved by the parser) names, it is not so