Re: Bug during installation

> pcxx_merge.c: In function `get_next_rec':
> pcxx_merge.c:78: warning: passing arg 2 of `read' from incompatible pointer type
> while doing "make install" on version 1.7 of pC++.  I believe the error
> is occurring because you call "read" with a pointer to a struct as its
> second argument, when in reality "read" requires a pointer to a char as its
> second argument.
> Is this just an oversensitivity in my compiler, or is some other version
> of "read" supposed to be present in my system that can take pointers to
> structs in lieu of pointers to chars?

No, everything is fine. "read" is supposed to take a "generic" pointer
to a buffer. In ANSI C this is "void *" and this pointer type is "compatible"
with all other pointer types. In older pre-ANSI C (for which your system's
include files are probably still written) there was no "void *" and "char *"
was used instead.

If you want to get rid of the warning insert a cast to a char pointer "(char *)"
before the 2nd argument;


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