Re: compiler compatability

> Hey

> I've been using Sage with g++ 2.5.8, but haven't done
> anything with my stuff for several months.  Recently, I
> tried to use pC++2dep and encountered a parse error
> reading a g++ header file of version 2.6, which our
> systems have subsequently migraged to.  The differences
> between the old and new versions of the header were very
> slight, but I thought that maybe Sage was not set up to run
> with gcc/g++ version 2.6.0.  Might that be my problem??

> Thanks Dean 


A new  "improved" version of include files often exposes new 

bugs in the parser. We are currently using version 2.6.3 and 

sage, in general, works with this version. We are able to parse 

those include files that we have tried so far. But it is quite possible that
the version of sage that you have suffers from some bugs that have
already been fixed in our most recent "development" version. Perhaps 

you can try identifying what the problem is exactly and I can see if this 

is something that has been already fixed?    --Beata