handle more than one project

 I have strange results with a code like that :

  int ParseFile( blabla )
  { char *proj_file;

    ... create a .proj whose name is in proj_file ...

    { SgProject &Proj= SgProject(proj_file);
      SgFile &File= Proj.file(0);

      blabla ... work on this project ... blabla

 The first call to 'ParseFile' is OK, but next ones seem to use the first
project !
 In this function, I run f2dep to create a .dep, I create an associated .proj
and then I work on it.
 a File.unparsestdout() outputs good informations, but when I work on the
structure with children lists, I retrieve items of the first file I worked on !
 If someone has an idea : HEEEEEEEEEELP !

 Thanks, Pif.