Re: (un)parser: string token concatenation broken

> Consider the following valid statement:

> 	printf( "this is a " "test" ); // no comma!

> When parsed and unparsed, it becomes

> 	printf( "this is a " );

> i.e., string token concatenation does not appear to
> work.

> --lars 


Fixed, I think. The example above now unparses to:

      printf("this is a test");
(i.e., concatenation is done by the parser.)

 Another alternative would be to store a linked list of all the  
strings in the .dep file and unparse them to:
 	printf( "this is a " "test" );

However, this would require more extensive changes to the whole Sage  
system, because I would need to add a new field to a STRING_VAL  
expression. But I can do this if anybody feels that this is important  
enough. Let me know,         --Beata