Re: removeVirtual() infinite loop

Jake wrote:
>Hi Beata,
>Are you still interested in hearing about sage/pC++ bugs?  I'm getting a
>	Warning : Infinite loop in removeVirtual
>from dep2C++ when I'm compiling my i/o library.  I can demonstrate it
>for you if you'd like.  Dennis wants me to get my i/o library
>working so I can use it to help him write a chapter that he's contributing
>to some book.


in the future the best way to report sage/pC++ bugs is to send them
to sage-bugs@rainier.extreme.indiana.edu.
As for your particular problem, I can look into it. If you could write a small
(the smaller the better;  under 20 lines would really be nice) demo code 

that illustrates your problem and email it to me, I'll see if I can fix the bug in dep2C++.