Bug on Sage++ version 1.7


I recently installed Sage++ and PC++ version 1.7 on a RS/6000 with AIX
3.2. I chose xlC 2.1 for the C++ compiler, which configured the
Makefiles appropriatelly except for those in the Sage++/demos
subdirectories.  When I tried to run the demos, it compiled with g++,
which is not compatible with the libraries generated by xlC. I had to
change the Makefiles by hand. It would be nice if configure could
configure that too.

The other problem I had was with the use of C++ constructors in some
demos. For example in line 47 of array_decl/main.C:


This is an illegal use of constructors in xlC (and as far as I can tell
in C++), since constructors do not return any values.

Thanks -- Jose Moreira