any ideas?


I am trying to run the sample pC++ programs in the TestSuite directory on a 
KSR1 machine, and I am having problems with "Cyclic" and "Poisson" 
(probably the same problem...).

They seem to compile just fine, but when I run them I get a bus error...

I'm currently changing the code to use long int instead of int everywhere, 
because the KSR1 only has long int (= double).

I was wondering:  are there any code changes that you are aware of that need
to be made for the KSR1?  I'm hoping you already know the solution to my 
problem, so you can keep me from barking up the wrong tree... :) :) 

What my debugger spits out:

(udb) run ksr
Starting program: ksr ksr 
warning: only 56 cells available
initial vector
Program received signal 10, Bus error, in thread 1:5
0x1134fb0 in Is_Local__6KernelFi(__0this=(struct Kernel *) 0xe130000, __1index=512) at temp.c:657
657+0x88   return __1x ;

Right now, I'm working on the assumption that "1index" is incorrect when it
gets passed to GlobalIndex.  But I haven't been able to recompile since 
changing all ints to long ints...

Any suggestions/ideas/hints welcome :) :)


Kim Parsons
University of Mannheim, Germany