Problems with /usr/include/signal.h in SGIs

We are trying to unparse a C file that included <signal.h> - The
original file looks like:

extern int sigaction(int, const struct sigaction *, struct sigaction *);

But the unparsed source looks like:

extern int sigaction(int , typedef const   *, struct sigaction *);

The system is IRIX 5.3 and GCC v2.6.3

On a related problem, when the user typedef's a structure that already
has a name, one of the symbols loses the field information.

typedef struct abc {
} ABC;

If the user declares a symbol of type 'struct abc' I cannot access the
structure fields (abc->symbol()->type() is NULL). To access the fields I
must force the user to declare symbols with type 'ABC'. Can this be

Thanks. Diego.

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