Two bugs (sort of)

  We are using Sage++-1.7.

  First of all, in the Makefile, each of the DONE lines has a missing
end-double-quote at the end of the echo line.  I used 'configure unknown'
to generate the configurations.

  Second bug:  when sagecc runs gcc to perform the C preprocessing, it
needs to pass the -C option to cpp to prevent cpp from stripping the
comments from the file during preprocessing.  Otherwise, there won't be any
comments later on!  If you don't want this enabled by default, adding a
switch to add the -C switch to gcc would be nice, and give the end-user a
little more flexibility.

  I've already hard-coded our installation to add the -C switch all the
time -- it shouldn't hurt performance much except for large programs.

  Thanks for the sage package -- it does a pretty good job!

  Brian Grayson