pC++ error


Every few months, I encounter the following pC++ error: for a
method of element foo() and method of collection bar(), the
pC++ compileres "forgets" to expand the function call


in bar() into an appropriate loop. (E.g., in uniproc mode the
code above is supposed to be expanded into something like
this in temp.C:

	for(pcxx_0 =0; ...; ... ++) {
		(* this)(pcxx_0) -> foo();

, but sometimes the expansion is not done.)

When this happens, the C++ compiler notices the error when it
compiles temp.C. 

Usually I "sweep this problem under the carpet", i.e. make it
it go away by reordering my pC++ functions. (For some reason,
this usually succeeds). But now I am annoyed enough to finally
report the problem. The shortest example I could make is in
the directory ~vmenkov/exptest on caledonia. To see the
problem, run
	build uniproc

and see how the pC++ preprocessor fails to expand the function arVez
(a MoE called from rankOneLusolt, a MoC). It is interesting
that the problem goes away if one comments out the previous
function, rankOneFactorABlock in main.pc.

Thanks for your attention.