pC++: isVirtualDecl etc.


A couple weeks ago I reported a pC++ bug that manifested itself in the
pC++ compiler's being unable to recognize a method-of-element function
as such, and was told, in reply, that

  >This does look like an error.  ...
  >right now there is nobody around to work on the compiler.

I realize that pC++ is not supported any more (or, more
diplomatically, its support is not a priority :-); but perhaps some of
Sage/pC++ gurus can at least help me understand what in the pC++ code
triggers this bug, so that I can try to avoid encountering it?
Reordering functions in my programs does not help any more: when the
error goes away in one function, it reappears in another...

Two new pieces of information:

1. This error is frequently, but not always, associated with a pC++
   internal error in the function named isVirtDecl or some such;

2. I have managed to create the shortest example to date --- just 
   40 lines --- of pC++ code causing the compiler to display this 
   behavior (without the isVirtDecl error message, though). It's
   in ~vmenkov/exptest on caledonia.cs.indiana.edu. When you run build
   (using Pete Beckman's script referencecd by soft link in that
   directory), pC++ fails to recognize the call to the
   method-of-element function moe() as such and to expand it appropriately.
   If you don't have a caledonia account but want to see the example
   anyway, please e-mail me and I'll send it to you.