When will next version be available?


I just downloaded Sage++-1.7 which I understand is the latest released 
version.  From the User Manual it seemed to provide the functionality for me 
to quickly build a preprocessor for C++ that I required.  However, I would 
need to use the SgClassStmt functions extensively, and the majority of these 
are not implemented.  Without these I cannot do anything useful with it.  Can 
I therefore ask: when are you expecting to release a new version of Sage++ and 
do you expect that the SgClassStmt will be fully implemented?



P.S. In addition I note that the parser pc++ with Sage++-1.7 fails to parse 
the standard headers for libg++-2.7.0a, failing with 

I guess this is a result of the relatively large changes in the language 
recently. What the plans to move towards ANSI/ISO C++?