Sage error.

The following function templates are in stdlib.h that exists in
/usr/local/lib/gnu/lib/gcc-lib/alpha-dec-osf3.2/2.7.2/include. This file is
included in a benchmark program that performs continued fraction factoring. I am
executing sagecc after pre-processing the program with gcc. sagecc gives the
appended error for these function templates.

size_t		mbstowcs( wchar_t *__pwcs, const char *__s, size_t __n );
int		mbtowc(  wchar_t *__pwc, const char *__s, size_t __n );

Error on line 122 of c.c:  Old K&R style declaration, unexpected bif form, or undefine variables
Error in sagecc while executing:
------->  /usr/local/src/MoreLanguages/sage++/sage++-1.7/bin/alpha/pC++2dep  TEMP_Sgcc.c