Sage error.

The following externs are in stddef.h and cstdlib.h that exists in
/usr/local/lib/gnu/lib/g++-include/std. This file is included in a benchmark
program that performs continued fraction factoring. I am executing sagecc after
pre-processing the program with gcc. sagecc gives the appended error for these

#pragma interface "std/stddef.h"

extern "C++" {
const size_t NPOS = (size_t)(-1);
typedef void fvoid_t();
typedef _G_wint_t wint_t; }  

#pragma interface "std/cstdlib.h"

extern "C++" {
inline long   abs(long x)		{ return x >= 0 ? x : -x; }


Error on line 55 of c.c:  Unsupported external language specifier
Error in sagecc while executing:
------->  /usr/local/src/MoreLanguages/sage++/sage++-1.7/bin/alpha/pC++2dep  TEMP_Sgcc.c