pc++ bug on sun4 / iris4d

Forwarded message:

> I am able to compile the enclosed code with g++ (g++ main_all.cc),
> but when I use pc++ (pc++ -v main_all.cc), it complains the following:
> No additional include paths found in enviroment...
> EXECUTING: g++ -x c++ -E
> -I/usr/sunkay/grad/whui/sage/target/uniproc/include
> -I/usr/sunkay/grad/whui/sage/target/include -D__PCXX__ main_all.cc >
> TEMP_pC++.C 
> EXECUTING: pC++2dep -verbose  TEMP_pC++.C
> Error on line 32 of /usr/gnu/lib/g++-include/_G_config.h:  parse error
> Error in pc++ while executing:
> ------->  pC++2dep -verbose  TEMP_pC++.C
> Again, the problem is with #include, but at different places.

The C++ grammar which is base of the pC++ compiler is not yet up
to the latest bits. The main problem in your case is, that the compiler
doesn't handle nested classes / declarations well. Unfortunately, basically
all iostream implementations use this. At some point, we had fixed the
compiler in so far that it accepted the (at that time) current
implementation of GNU's iostream. But it looks like the iostream
implementations of the different compiler vendors change faster than we
can fix our copiler :-(

The only real fix would be to get a professional C++ parser and
re-implement the pC++ compiler. There are plans to do this, but it
certainly will take some time; don't know about the actual status.

A quick "fix" is to use C style I/O for now (printf,...). I know
that this is not verry satisfying for a real C++ programmer,
but at least it works.

Hope this helps

Bernd Mohr / Research Centre Juelich, ZAM, Germany / B.Mohr@kfa-juelich.de