bug report

We found a bug in Sage++ when it is unparsing "namelist"
statements (Fortran 90). This bug is in the critical path
of a release of our programming environment, and we would 
appreciate it if someone could take a look as soon as possible.
If there is already a fix available, please let us know. If
there is nobody available to look into this, could you please
direct us to the places in the source code where we can 
try to find the problem and fix ourselves?

Thanks - Jose Moreira

>>>>>>>>>>>>>	Bug description   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

When we compile the following program with f2dep:

      PROGRAM main

      integer h, g
      namelist /parms/ h, g


and unparse it, we obtain

      program main
      integer  h,g
namelist /parms/,g

As you can see, there in no indentation for the namelist command,
and the first variable has disappeared. The C++ program we 
used to unparse is:

/*                  pC++/Sage++  Copyright (C) 1993                  */
/*  Indiana University  University of Oregon  University of Rennes   */

#include	<stdio.h>
#include	<malloc.h>
#include	<iostream.h>
#include	"sage++user.h"

void	processFile(
	SgFile*	file
	) {


int	main(
	int	argc,
	char**	argv
	) {

	 * Open the project.
	if (argc != 2) {
		cout << "usage: unparse <project name>" << endl;
		return -1;
	SgProject 	project(argv[1]);

	for (int i = 0; i < project.numberOfFiles(); i++) {
		SgFile*	file = &project.file(i);
		switch (file->languageType()) {
			case CSrc:
				cout << "Must be a FORTRAN file \n";
				return -1;
			case ForSrc:

	return 0;