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hi , 

while parsing a file with sage i got this error. can anyone shed some light
as to what it means. 

Error on line 178 of kernel_mg.c:  parse error
Error in sagecc while executing:
------->  pC++2dep  TEMP_Sgcc.c

line 178 of the code is a function call and it is as follows

		restrict(r1, r, chunk / 2, dim / 2);

the function is defined later in the program as follows

restrict(double ***r1, double ***r, int chunk, int dim)
	int             i, j, k, pi, pj, pk;
		double          norm, absmax;

			if (dim < nprocs) {
					if (not_in ||

I have not put the whole code but just a part of it.

This code is a part of the Nas parallel benchmark MultiGrid problem and is
part of the kernel_mg.c

It would really be helpful if someoe can tell me what is the problem.


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