bug or not?


I have a major problem on my pc.
The fact is that win95 crashed. I think so.
When I boot my pc, just when the major screen of win95 should appear, the
computer reboots all the time.
So I tried to install win95  again in a new directory. This one worked.
But not for long....... So when I used this new-installed win95 for the
first time, I installed the unregistered version of TBAV. Then I scanned
all fixed drives. He found several errors in about 30 files. The TBAV
program was not able to tell if this was a virus or a bug. Because the fact
I couldn't clean the files, I renamed them.(All the files that were
corrupt, were files used by the old win95(in the windows dir) and a few
program files(in the program files dir). 
After this I tried to reboot my pc agiain(still with the new win95
configuration) and whar happened. Instead of starting win95 he stopped and
started dos-modus.
Is this a virus or a bug?????
I don't know what to do. And it isn't also possible to format the hard
disk. Has anyone ever had this problem??? And can help me.

Thank you very much.
		Steve Willems

e-mail: steve.willems@groept.be