could not open a project with sage 2

dear sir,
I have correctly installed sage 2. Unfortunately, there is a problem of
opening project files with sage2. I tried to execute your example
dump_info, but the message where "couldn't open project file". The
project file exists really and I was in the same directory (binaries and
project where in the same location). I used ddd (the data debugger) to
check the problem. It seems to be in your
pc++sage++2.0/lib/oldsrc/db.c at the line 766. In this line there is the

if ((fid=fopen(temp, "r")) == NULL) {.......

I traced the execution until here. "temp" contains really the string
"x.dep" and I was in the correctly location. Unfortunatly, the fopen

In order to be sure, I tried with an old personal instrumentation
program which run correctly with sage-1.7. I compiled it with sage 2 and
the error was the same.

thank you for your response.


Sid Ahmed TOUATI

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